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Nanoliter Lab-on-a-chip

Advanced Liquid Logic develops microfluidics for rapid and cost effective testing for a diverse range of applications: point-of-sample collection, medical diagnostics, food and agriculture, homeland security, drugs and biotechnology.

Optical Coherence Tomography

Bioptigen is leading the develpment of Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) based imaging for preclinical developmental biology markets. Bioptigen OCT is designed for whole-body imaging of embryonic and small animal models, tissue level imaging in large biological structures and non-invasive optical biopsy.

Bioptigen technology introduces OCT imaging systems with the greatest image clarity, maximum resolution, and highest throughput to increase the efficacy of the small animal validation phase in drug development and genomics research.

Data Integration and Business Intelligence

DATAbased Design & Decisions integrates data across the enterprise in real-time, regardless of database type, platform, or system, and then provides on-demand querying and reporting via a simple web-based point and click interface. Executive decision-makers can query all company data via a secure internet connection anytime and anywhere. Advanced analytic capabilities are also supported.

Robotic Catheter

Computer-based control, compact, shape memory alloy (SMA) actuated robotic catheter for minimally invasive surgery and catheterization.

Portfolio Companies/Technologies In Development

AgTechInventures (AgTI)

AgTI is an agricultural technology accelerator that further develops promising intellectual property in agbiotech, infotech/ precision agriculture, and bio-renewables to form new spin-off companies positioned for acquisition by leading Ag companies.

ImagineOptix (IO)

IO is a technology development and licensing company. IO is commercializing a thin-film polarizing beamsplitter or polarization grafting (PG) technology developed at NC State called HoloBright. IO is initially applying PGs to video projectors which will eventually be imbedded in many consumer electronic devices such as cell phones and laptops. HoloBright, a platform technology, will also revolutionize telecommunications markets, other optical consumer electronics markets, as well as military and industrial equipment markets.

Lindy Biosciences - Preserving Proteins by Microglassification

Southeast TechInventures has licensed a technology from Duke University that gently removes water from solutions of biologicals - like antibodies, enzymes, and therapeutic proteins. The Microglassification process is carried out at room temperature and avoids exposure to extreme temperatures and harsh drying environments preserving efficacy and improving yield especially for the new and environmentally-sensitive molecules that are currently being developed in the pharmaceutical industry. Microbeads are now protected against degradation so stabilizing the biologicals for storage, transport, and inclusion in a variety of drug delivery formulations.

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